Sola Biosciences offers services to advance research and development for pharmaceutical companies and researchers throughout the globe.

We design the customized mammalian cell expression system to maximize the expressions of your proteins of interest. Our proprietary TapBoost® technology solves problems in protein expressions such as protein instability, poor-secretion, and aggregation-prone characteristics.

Protein Expression Vector Construct Service

Based on the characteristics of your protein of interest, SOLA creates the TapBoost expressing vector that works best for your proteins.

SOLA creates and provides customized vectors for your protein expressions such as antibodies and Fc fusion proteins. We can design optimized TapBoost vectors to enhance the production of your proteins. The designed vector is tested in a mammalian expression system to confirm the protein expression.

Recombinant Protein Production Service

SOLA efficiently produces custom recombinant proteins with our TapBoost technology which enhances the production of your protein in a mammalian expression system. TapBoost technology is able to efficiently increase the production of target proteins such as antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins as well as many “difficult-to-express” recombinant proteins.

Production Service by Collaboration with SBHSBHlogo

SOLA  collaborates with SBH Sciences, Inc. to leverage the strength of SBH in combination with TapBoost®. SBH has high reputation in the protein production field since it was founded in 1997, with over 80 biologicals including 30 recombinant cytokines including IL-12, IL-23, HGF, Activin-A and BMP-7. It has worked with 150 biotechnology and diagnostic companies, and has earned a reputation for product quality, service and on-time delivery.  SBH Sciences, Inc. supports startup companies, entrepreneur scientists, and the biotechnology industry with our experience and expertise to help shorten your timelines and reduce costs.