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SOLA Biosciences Makes Cooperative Research and Manufacturing Agreement with SBH Sciences     

May 27, 2016

SOLA Biosciences Makes Cooperative Research and Manufacturing Agreement with SBH Sciences     

Boston, MA — (BUSINESS WIRE) — SOLA Biosciences LLC (SOLA) announced CARMA (Cooperative Research and Manufacturing Agreement) with SBH Sciences (SBH), a bio-incubator and innovative preclinical contract research organization.

SBH has high reputation in the protein production field for 18 years, with over 80 biologicals including 30 recombinant cytokines including IL-12, IL-23, HGF, Activin-A and BMP-7. It has worked with 150 biotechnology and diagnostic companies, and has earned a reputation for product quality, service and on-time delivery.

SOLA has developed a novel technology called TapBoost®, which assists proper folding of targeted proteins to improve recombinant protein secretion. SOLA and SBH will collaborate to manufacture “difficult-to-express” proteins which are needed by researchers around the world.

“We feel very honored and excited about collaborating with the team of SBH. Leveraging the strength of SBH in combination with TapBoost®, both companies will develop proteins that are needed for great causes such as creating new medicines, “ said Dr. Keizo Koya, the founder/CEO of SOLA. “This alliance is intended to extend SOLA and SBH’s reach into the researchers and companies worldwide.”

Dr. Raphael Nir, President and Chief Science Officer of SBH, said “We are excited and honored to form the first strategic manufacturing agreement with SOLA. We are producing 30 recombinant cytokines and 10 enzymes and always looking for innovative methods to increase yield and purity. We are obligated to provide our products and services at a very reasonable cost and with a prompt delivery time. Together with SOLA, we are willing to assist any company that would like to validate the new TapBoost Technology for their specific needs. We are proud to support the Global Biomedical Market.”

About SOLA Biosciences
SOLA is a bioscience company, headquartered in Boston, with the goal of improving target proteins production via the breakthrough TapBoost® technology for pharmaceutical companies and researchers around the globe so that we can deliver new therapeutics faster, more efficiently, and at lower overall cost to patients.

About SBH Sciences
SBH is a provider of 80 biologicals including 30 recombinant cytokines and in-vitro cell-based assays. SBH has supported over 150 companies since 1997 mainly startups in oncology and inflammation, with over 400 cancer cell lines and 300 cell-based assays for cytokine activity. Other platforms include cell-culture services, protein production by mammalian cells, ELISA, Luminex, Automatic Western Blot, FACS and qRT-PCR analysis. Visit SBH website here:

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