Breakthrough Technology to increase “difficult-to-express” protein production

SOLA Biosciences (SOLA) offers a new proprietary, TapBoost® technology, to improve target protein production in various pharmaceutical companies and researchers that share our ultimate goal to deliver new therapeutics faster and more efficiently, at a lower overall cost to patients around the world.

pic-about-calloutSOLA was founded in February 2016, as the first spin-out company of Strategia Therapeutics Inc. to focus on leveraging its proprietary TapBoost technology to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies and researchers throughout the globe.

TapBoost was conceived and developed by the distinguished scientist, Dr. Akinori Hishiya. Dr. Hishiya has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the fields of molecular and cellular biology. He has researched bio-molecular mechanisms of a diverse range of diseases including osteoporosis, muscular atrophy, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer; has published in many prestigious scientific journals, and holds multiple patents and patent applications.

TapBoost technology is able to efficiently increase the production of target proteins such as antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins as well as many “difficult-to-express” recombinant proteins including therapeutic biologics. For more information about TapBoost, please see our Technology page.

In addition to protein production, we anticipate additional pharmaceutical applications of TapBoost including new gene therapies for conformational diseases, drug screening with new disease target proteins, development of innovative biologics, and GMP manufacturing of commercial biologics. For more information about applications, please see our Application page.

Addressing R&D Protein Challenge

Protein production can present many R& D challenges:

  • Inability to produce “difficult-to-express” proteins
  • Inability to produce needed proteins in sufficient quantity.
  • Cost of protein production contributes to the high cost of biologics.
  • Cost of biosimilars is difficult to contain due to the cost of protein production.

TapBoost’s ability to produce “difficult-to-express” proteins faster and at a lower cost will enable researchers and pharmaceutical companies to focus on and accelerate their research to create more affordable biologics for the patients.

Contributing to Research and Development

SOLA provides access to TapBoost to help promote pharmaceutical research and development in two ways:

  1. Manufacture and provide needed proteins to researchers and pharmaceutical companies
    Please see our Services page for more information.
  2. Licensing
    Researchers and pharmaceutical companies can license TapBoost to produce needed proteins in-house. Please see our License page for more information.